Towing Boats in Water Lake Tahoe California

There are a big among of choices of boaters nationwide and especially in Lake Tahoe California for boat towing and there are experts on water assistance. The companies offer a membership to have a direct connection with professionals, experienced captains who can help when it matters most.

Towing Boats in Water Lake Tahoe California

Towing Boats in Water Lake Tahoe California

They are located where do you need, they are here for you and there for you, and everywhere else for you. With those companies, there is no boat towing distance or dollar limits in your home area. Your local company is always standing by ready to step into high gear and members are always served first.

If you go on long trips with your boat to lake Tahoe California or any other lake, you need to consider  your boat , the type of water you will be navigating, and just how important your own personal comfort, for that the first thing you need to think is in your security and  which is the best boat towing services  . You should look for a towing service that covers all the bases and walk you through the things you need to think about before making your choice.

One of the biggest navigational challenges is deciphering the maze that is towing services.   Before you leave the dock to go for your first sail or excursion, it may be wise to invest in a towing service.  There are many towing providers established when the US Coast Guard stopped responding to non-emergency calls for assistance.

There are other independent services, but if you are planning coastal cruising, you will want a service simply for their availability in many locations.  The services of these companies offer the basic services you might need at similar prices, so the selection is more a matter of who is available where you might need them.

However if your problem is the money, is important keeping in mind that a membership saves you money.  As a member of a company in Lake Tahoe California, you receive free boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, priority service, Automated Radio Checks, 24/7 nationwide coverage, knowledgeable Captains, covered ungroundings, savings and more.

Picking a provider is as simple as trying to decipher which one has the best coverage in the areas you plan to cruise. The companies in Lake Tahoe California are a direct connection to highly professional, experienced Captains who can help with your boat when it matters most.

But if you do not have a company with this kind of service, you should know how to tow the Boat in the Water, for that we are going to explain two ways to do:

There are 2 preferred methods of Boat Towing
  • You can set up a line from the back of the towing boat to the front of the towed boat, the STERN TOW.
  • You can tie the 2 boats side by side and tow in that position, the ALONGSIDE, or SIDE BY SIDE tow.
Take care of the safety stuff first

Make sure you have proper tow lines. Double braid work well. They should be strong and not frayed or damaged. They should be long enough to comfortably separate the 2 boats if you are using a stern tow.

  • Make sure everyone has a life jacket ON. There should be a responsible person on each boat.
  • Both boats should carry knives to cut free if needed.
  • You should have a few bumpers at the ready.
  • You should decide what you are going to do when you get where you are going.
  • Establish signals, or have cell phones or radios.
  • If you can avoid it, do not tow when conditions are bad.

Before you go check the cleats to make sure they are solid and check that the motorboat has enough gas. Have a paddle and boat hook handy just in case. Check your insurance too. Things happen really fast. The towed boat should have an anchor ready. If the boats are disconnected then the towed boat can anchor and not drift into trouble.

If you are planning to stern tow, consider getting a Drogue. It can really help stabilize the towed boat.

The stern tow.

If you have a long way to go and the way is not particularly crowded or tricky, then the stern tow will work for you. What you give up in control you gain in efficiency. 2 Boat moving one behind the other and not interfering with each other will move better. There are no tendencies to veer to one side or the other. It is relatively easy to set up.

So long tows or tows in open water work well as stern tow.
Towing Boats in Water Lake Tahoe California

Towing Boats in Water Lake Tahoe California

Once you have connected the stern of the towing boat to the bow of the towed boat, then SLOWLY start forward and let out your line. Do not just dump all the line in the water otherwise, the line might get caught up in the prop of the motor.

The longer the line the better it absorbs shock. Lines that are too long though reduce control. It is safer to have a second person in the towing boat just to watch the line while the other person drives.

A line that suddenly gives or a cleat that tears out can do a lot of damage because there can be a lot of tension.

Start slowly, accelerate slowly, and allow lots of time to slow down, remember there is no brake on the towed boat. The weight of a large sailboat can keep it moving for a long time because of the momentum it has.

A Drogue can help stabilize the motion of a boat being towed, by adding some drag. This has the effect of damping the motion of the towed boat and making it easier to control. It can help reduce the boinging that can set up and also reduce the side to side overtaking of the towed boat if the towing boat slows down.

One danger of towing this way is getting the lines caught up the motor. It is the watching person’s job to make sure the line stays clear of the propeller at all time.

The Side by Side or Alongside tow

This is the safest way to go if there is not a lot of space to get around, if the way is quite busy and congested if you have to make sudden slowdown or turns to avoid a ferry or another boat. It gives quite good control, but it can be slower.

In this case, the 2 boats are tied alongside each other. One line connects the 2 bows, one line secures the sterns (it’s a good idea to use a long line and connect the opposite side cleat of the towed boat to allow some spring) and a third line connects the middle-front of the towing boat to the stern cleat of the boat being towed.

This is the line that actually does the work. It is a direct line. Spend time making sure your lines are snug and do not allow too much movement, and that the middle line is actually the one under tension.

If the 2 boats are the same length or closely matched then its best to make sure the RUDDER OF THE TOWING BOAT is further behind the towed boat. If the rudder of the towing boat is too far forward then it will be very difficult to turn from the towing boat, and almost impossible to turn towards the side the towing boat is located.

If the towing boat is much shorter than the boat being towed such as the case of a short inflatable with a large motor, then what will need to happen is the towed boat steers and the towing boat provides power. So make sure the rudder is there and working.

The advantage of towing side by side is control. It is much simpler to maneuver around and to dock. It is possible to put the motor in reverse.

Towing Rope and Knot

Many towing ropes are made of Nylon. Because nylon is strong, resistant to abrasion and UV degradation it is a reliable rope. Its best feature for towing is that it stretches some and gives a bit of cushioning as the boat is towed

If you do not have a cleat at the back of the towing boat a harness set up might be better to center the load. This is just a rope that runs from side to side of the towing boat. The line from the towed boat attaches to this sideway line.

There are many hitches that are useful. In towing if you think you might need to quickly release the knot then using a highway man’s knot can be safer. It is not a secure knot and needs to be watched otherwise it can let go. The cleat hitch is more secure.